We follow all current CDC and OSHA guidelines to keep our patients and staff safe.

All soiled dental instruments are washed via  high frequency vibration in an enzymatic aqueous cleaning solution (ultrasonics).  They are, then, rinsed and placed in self-sealing packets that are sterilized in either a STATIM steam sterilizer or a larger steam Autoclav.  Our sterilization room is well organized with well defined separation of sterile and non sterile instruments.  Our sterilization equipment is cleaned regularly and continuously monitored for safety: spore testing being conducted on a weekly basis and sent to an outside laboratory. We use only the highest quality distilled water in all of our sterilizers.



Dental Operatories: All working services in our dental operatories are sanitized thoroughly with a strong alcohol-based disinfectant before each patient visit.  This disinfectant (CaviWipes: by Metrex) is effective at killing a broad range of germs one minute after it is applied and has been very helpful in keeping our rooms clean and safe.

Water-lines: These are the plastic hoses in our dental operatories that carry clean water to our patient’s mouths. We use only the highest quality distilled water, but this water is also treated with a disinfectant to keep these water-lines clean.   Additionally, our water-lines are “shock” treated on a regular basis (i.e.: flushed with a strong cleaning agent) to eliminate any remaining microorganisms.  Per CDC recommendation, our water-lines are tested by an outside agency on a regular basis to confirm that they are adequately disinfected.