Fear of Dentistry

Do you have fear of dentistry?

We understand that for some people, going to the dentist creates anxiety. This anxiety often comes from bad experiences that occurred in a dental office setting. Some patients report being scolded or yelled at by their childhood dentist, and others report feeling significant pain during dental procedures. Whatever the cause of the anxiety, it often creates a roadblock for these people to getting the care they need and deserve.

We manage dental anxiety for such patients, first, by creating an accepting and understanding environment that is free of judgement, scolding, or anger. We take time to talk with these patients: to get to know them and for them to get to know us. We work hard to develop trust and to find new ways forward that side-step the bad memories of the past.

We take time to explain what the options are and what the costs will be to correct dental problems. Lastly, we are very good at numbing our patients and are insistent that they remain comfortable throughout their dental procedures. For some, the local anesthetic injection is what they fear most, so we go to great lengths to make the “shot” as painless as possible – using topical pre-numbing gel, anesthetic warmed to body temperature, and a slow anesthetic delivery technique that really helps.

In spite of all of our efforts, some people still find it difficult to get through their dental appointments. For these individuals, we prescribe an anti-anxiety medication taken the night before and the morning of their appointment. These patients have to be driven to and from their appointment when taking this medicine for safety reasons.