Equipment and Materials


In dentistry there is such a thing as too much technology. Dentists are marketed heavily by the makers of the latest dental gadgets – many of them ending up on a shelf gathering dust. The cost of these purchases end up trickling down to the patients who have to pay for them with higher prices. At our office, we’re conservative in what technology we bring into our office. We don’t buy equipment designed to push up office revenues. We make equipment purchases based on what we feel will benefit the dental health of our patients.

That being said, our office is quite modern. We have digital panographic and intra-oral X-rays and electronic charting, modern endodontic technology, and comfortable dental operatories.


We try to buy American made dental materials whenever possible. We use 3M for all of our tooth colored filling materials, bonding agents and cements. 3M is not only local, but their products are some of the best on the market.


We work with an excellent local dental lab, so all of our crowns, bridges, and dentures are made right here in Minnesota. The technicians at this lab (Intelligent Touch Dental Lab) are accomplished and highly trained in all phases of the dental laboratory arts. We have a great working relationship with this team of technicians, and they know that we expect a very high level of artistry and quality from them.